A Guidebook to the Beautiful Luberon Region of Provence
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"We have been traveling in France for forty-five years, and still find your book interesting."
Lynette S., April 2005


Over the years, since we began selling our guidebook in 1998, we have received many notes from travelers telling us that our book helped them have a wonderful stay in Provence. We love hearing this, since that is why we wrote it and why we continue to update it and make it available. Below are some of the notes we have received, going almost all the way back to the beginning.

Stephan B., August 2016

Just got back from Provence. Your guidebook was invaluable. I stayed in Lauris and did all three of the Luberon loops. The descriptions were so inviting and much more helpful than any of the other guide books. I especially enjoyed Cucuron, which was not overrun with tourists like Lourmarin, and Oppede le Vieux, the most picturesque of all. Thanks for the tips!

Lisa S., June 2016

Thank  you so much! It is a wonderful guide, so much more detailed than the other information that I have been able to find.

Willa S., October 2015

Just returned from Bonnieux where we stayed at Kathy Wood’s apartment.  Provence Byways was an invaluable tool in helping plan our time and navigate the Luberon area around Bonnieux.

Leslie Erickson, May 2015, Travel Consultant

This is a terrific resource and thanks so much for publishing it. There are many “guidebooks” available for Provence as a whole, but not many get as specific about the Luberon as this does. I plan to purchase it for any of my future clients that are planning a visit to this area.

Annie G., March 2015

Thank you so much for writing such a wonderful guidebook - so much relevant information that makes me wish we were staying in Provence longer than our currently planned 6 days!

Susan Manfull, February 2015, Provence WineZine

I still use your "Guidebook to the Luberon Region of Provence," now
dog-earned and stained. Terrific resource!

Mikki A., March 2014

Last summer in Bonnieux, Chris and Bridget lent me a copy of your guidebook. I have never returned the book to them as I love it so much, and want to buy a new one for you to mail to them . . . . I've been going to the Luberon for over forty years--my brother moved there and then had children and now grandchildren, and I go every year to visit. Still I learned so much from you. Many thanks.

Rod and Jane G., August 2013

Have just spent a week in Provence and the place we stayed has an old copy of your guidebook - we used it as the guide for virtually our whole week and it has been fantastic so thank you very much. We loved the fact that most of the trips we have been on have been relatively free of tourists even though we are here in the height of the season. . . . We are even going to try and squeeze another 'loop' in before we catch a flight out of Nice tomorrow night! 

Miriam C., September 2012

After spending a week in Lourmarin at Les Olivettes and using your guidebook daily, we wanted to send you a note of thanks. Your detailed guide was extremely well written and helpful but what was more helpful were the directions which got us out of a jam several times! We don't use a GPS and find that it's much more fun to try to make our own way. However, the signs weren't always obvious and your Instructions were just the ticket. I think we took just about every one of the tours in the book, felt we got to know you a bit and were glad to have you always there in the back seat of the car.

Pam and George R., July 2012

Just to let you know how much we have enjoyed and used your wonderful “Provence Byways”! We have been fortunate to have been able to go to the area the last 5+ years and take you with us each visit. We will headquarter in Bonnieux again this year in September and will take you along with us once more. Many Thanks!

Peter J., November 2011

We stayed in Lourmarin, at La Bonbonnière, a month ago, and thoroughly enjoyed using your guidebook. As a former travel writer myself, I'd like to compliment you on the clear and concise information your book contains. We found it invaluable during several day-long excursions in the Luberon. Thank you for putting this together! 

Helen M. and Arthur Y., August 2011

We accessed your 2008 publication and found it extremely useful. You had gone to a lot of trouble to put that together so comprehensively. As distant visitors who get great enjoyment from the occasional visit to that part of the world, we would like you to know that we got an enormous amount from that you wrote and recommended.

Libby S., March 2011

My brother-in-law, who travels to Provence often, says your book is essential.

Betsy B., March 2011

The book is great, and will be easy to pack for our trip. Great job! Thank you.

D. Carroll, September 2010

We would like a copy of your Guidebook to the Luberon Region of Provence (check enclosed). We have read about it all over the SlowTravel website and are starting to plan our September 2011 trip.

Gigi M., May 2010

Bob and Sue, I was in Lourmarin last week and ran across a copy of your book at La Petite Maison. What a delight. Thanks for all your work to prepare the way. Like you, we will be back and will get a copy of your book so we can add notes and sleep with it. I am in awe of your scholarly research. It was well written and extremely useful.

Carl G., April 2010

We would like to thank you for the energy and passion you put into creating "Provence Byways." . . . The guide was fantastic. We brought it with us each day. The night before we would agree on a travel plan and research it with your guide . . . To be honest our holiday would not have been as enjoyable without it.

Bill W., March 2010

We have received your guidebook and we love it! It is exactly the sort of informative and easy to read guide we have been seeking. We now know exactly how we will be spending our two weeks in the region, and I suspect we will be returning as soon as we can do so.

Mark D., October 2009

We had a great time on our trip to Provence, and are indebted to you for your detailed directions and insightful comments. We read the history section thoroughly and carried the food vocabulary around with us wherever we went.

Polly W., January 2009

Glad to hear you were back in Provence last year and took the opportunity of updating your guide. The earlier edition made our trip to Lourmarin so delightful that we are returning for a full month this year.

Patricia F., October 2008

You do not know me, but I feel I do know you after reading your guide cover to cover and actually doing all of the loops, some of them several times during our 6 week stay in France. . . . We were enchanted with your guide, the well written text and the excellent recommendations.  Having it with us made our stay all the more perfect. . . . Please accept our sincere thanks for making our stay so enjoyable!  

Rhonda M., June 2008

I have your guidebook, and it's copyright 2004. Have you updated the guidebook since that time? We're returning to Provence in May 2009 and I want to make sure we have the most current version.

From Robert S., October 2007

We have a copy of your 2003 edition of Provence Byways.  We just noticed that there is an updated edition and we are very interested.   We are leaving for Lourmarin on Wednesday . . . and would love to obtain a copy of the book before we leave. Is it possible for you to send the book via overnight mail? . . . We really have found the book extraordinarily helpful and have used it extensively on our three previous visits.

From Christopher S., July 2007

Bob and Sue: Last October we stayed at a villa in Cucuron. While there, we stumbled upon your excellent touring guide of the small towns immediately situated. It became the Bible for our group. How may I obtain a copy?

From Chris C., on SlowTravel, May 2007

I often wonder if Bob and Sue Winn, the authors of this guidebook, have any idea how many memorable days they have given to Provence visitors with their back-roads tours. I hope so!  

From Daniel R., October 2006

I wanted to let you know that your guidebook was the key to our thorough enjoyment of our stay in the Luberon earlier this year. So many of your suggestions and tips proved invaluable, from L'Antiquaire restaurant in Lourmarin, to the best route in and out of Aix, and so many others. Thank you so much for writing the guidebook and for making it available to all. 

From Mary F., July 2006

Just a note to thank you for your wonderful guidebook Provence Byways. Our family spent a wonderful month in Provence . . . eventually basing ourselves in Avignon. However, we hired a car for two weeks and managed to do many of your drives. The book proved invaluable. Your restaurant recommendations are excellent. Without doubt our best meal took place at L'Antiquaire in Lourmarin. 

From Judith W., April 2006

I want to tell you that my husband Burt and I feel that we know you somewhat, as your book has been our constant companion the two times we have stayed in Lourmarin. It is a wonderful tool, because it gives such specific details about the area, including the advice on roads, restaurants, etc.

From Mary and Derrick, January 2006

Thank you for your help.  We received your book on Friday and we were most impressed.  We both love exploring the "hidden" and Derrick was delighted with all the maps.  Conventional guide books are usually less comprehensive and often out of date.  You have supplied us with a wonderful travel companion and we can't wait the explore the region

From Amy A,. May 2005

The book is fantastic.

From Lynette S., April 2005

We have been traveling in France for forty-five years and still find your book interesting.

From Chris C., October 2004

We used the 1998 edition of your Guidebook for two trips to Provence.  Now I'm planning another trip for next year, and since my current copy is pretty worn, I decided it was time to order your new edition. Your recommendations have been a HUGE help to us in previous trips. 

From Sara T., September 2004

Your wonderful book has arrived and it will put us right where we want to be—on the right track in Provence. You take us way past any of the other guidebooks. Now we can hardly wait to get there. So thank you, thank you, thank you. 

From Kevin and Elisabeth Widrow, owners of Le Mas Perreal,
B&B in Saint-Saturnin-les-Apt, March 2004:

Thanks so much for your guidebook and bravo! What a great job. You really seem to have the right spirit and attitude. It's obvious you've spent a lot of time around here and are at least as passionate as we are about the Luberon.

From Francoise Herry, owner Les Cordieres, B&B in Lourmarin, March 2004:

We have had so many guests with your book as a "Bible!"

From Barbara G., April 2003:

We've been to Provence a number of times, including twice with our daughter while she spent a year in Aix, and your guides still look helpful, wonderful, well written, and informative. Thanks so much for writing these and for your prompt delivery!

From Peg M., October 2002:

Your book is just terrific! I need do absolutely no more research. You've done it all.

From Fodor's listserv, August 31, 2002:

A great resource is the book offered by Provence Byways. I love their walks and drives and restaurant recommendations.

I second the recommendation of the Provence Byways guidebook! We also used that for planning and sightseeing because it is far more detailed . . .than any other guidebook on Provence. The people who wrote it have an apartment in that area so are exceptionally well qualified to make recommendations! They also add helpful things like the best time to arrive at tourist attractions that might be crowded, etc.

From Wayne and Elaine S., March 2001:

Thanks so much for compiling this valuable resource. We visited many areas we would never have found without your guide . . . . We used the information to make our own routes as well. . . . It was truly a memorable trip and we will be forever grateful for the information. Our book is thoroughly marked up with magic markers, sticky notes, and our own notes. Many thanks.

From SlowTrav, May 2000:

We first discovered Lourmarin at the web site maintained by Bob and Sue Winn, who also own and rent out an apartment in the village. The Winns have published a guidebook with driving tours of the back roads in the region. If you're going, buy their guidebook via their website, because the tours were really special and take you places that you'd be unlikely to ever find using the standard tourist guides.